CLB Team Bio Request

Hello!  We’re updating all team biographies on all CLB Restaurant websites and collecting additional manager bios/photos along the way. We need your assistance to create your biography.

Please complete the form below. We will use your notes to generate a final version that will appear on your restaurant’s website if you’re currently on a restaurant team, or, may be used for other company-related messaging purposes (with your knowledge and permission).

The form requests upload of a photo you prefer. This photo can be taken with a phone, inside or outside, wherever lighting is bright.  Please contact Rob Hoersdig if you need assistance with the photo request!

Please provide your name as you’d like it to appear online.
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Share a story about your favorite ‘go to’ meal you like to make for family and friends. Other options: three favorite ingredients, three things people will always find in your refrigerator at home.
Share your thoughts or a story about what providing guest service means to you. Additional options: advice to hospitality hopefuls, why you enjoy working in your community.
Please feel free to add further comments or details you feel would be of interest - ties / activities in the community, hobbies, family, philosophy.
Please upload a photo of yourself. This can be taken with a phone, preferably inside or outside your restaurant, in bright lighting. If you don’t have a photo handy in this moment, you can email it later to: Thanks!
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